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Searching for a new company to parnter with!

Searching for a new company to parnter with!

The time has come to locate a new company to work for. I have had many opportunities to share my knowledge with companies across the US. I am now actively searching for a new company to share in that endeavor.

My resume is up on Linkedin:

Please reach out to me if you are interested in a talented resource. I specialize in post/pre sales of storage hardware including:

  • Pre-sales and Post-sales architecture and design for Dell hardware sales.
  • Dell PowerMax and supported suites SRDF sync/async, time finder/Snapvx, Appsync, Non-Disruptive Migration/NDM, and more.
  • Dell PowerScale/Isilon including: Superna Eyeglass suite (Ransomware Defender, easy auditor) SyncIQ (including Domain Integrated DFS-R), SnapshotIQ, SmartQuotas, and troubleshooting permissions issues with Access Zones and multi-protocol solutions.
  • PowerProtect (DataDomain) including replication, encryption, and high-security setups. I have experience configuring multiple software (Networker, Avamar, Veeam, NetBackup, etc..) as well as VTL configurations for legacy systems such as IBMi.
  • PowerStore array Architecture, implementation, and management.
  • SAN Switch architecture and configuration Cisco/Brocade. Including advanced features such as multi-switch interlinks, enhanced zoning, and device alias enhanced mode.
  • RecoverPointVE and RecoverPoint appliance nodes design, implementation, and management.
  • NetApp Ontap appliance management and configuration.


Additional Skills:

  • Infinidat configuration and management.
  • Administrative knowledge of IBM Storage and HPE storage technologies.
  • Disaster Recovery (Veeam, NetBackup, Avamar, DataDomain, CommVault, etc.)
  • Computer Security (CloudStrike, Sentinelone, Stealthbits, Varonis)
  • IP networking (Cisco, Brocade, Ubiquiti, Arista, Dell)
  • OS platforms include Linux, Unix (Solaris/HP-UX), Windows (including domain management functions), VMware, and Nutanix.
  • Cloud platforms include AWS, GCP, and Azure experience.

Please reach out via Linked-in if you wish to higher me as a member of your team.

Thank you.

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