Webserver software finaly fixed...

It has been a long and difficult road to performing some upgrades to old outdated software. I finaly completed a major upgrde to database back-ends that was long needed. It wasn't easy and took 2 days of spare time fiddeling, but it's finaly done. Hopefuly I will start updating the site more often with various useful content :-)


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Sound System... Half done...

I have finally finished one of my biggest woodworking projects. 4 x "Lab 12" horn loaded subwoofers. These subwoofers have been a time consuming and tiresome project. All hand crafted and built by me. They are one of the higher efficiency subwoofers you can build/buy/create today. It uses a technology that many stopped using several years ago due to the advent of monster amplifiers and push to make cabinets as cheap as possible (i.e. 18 & 21 inch front loaded designs)

I am now working on a new endeavor that promises to be an equal challenge. Building my first Line Array… from scratch.

I am starting by designing an acoustical wave guide. Due to patent restrictions, these waveguides are not available (ahem, in the US). So as not to spend 200+$ on a plastic or aluminum waveguide, I will be “printing” my own out of plastic. I plan on creating a Mendel Max style 3D printer to be housed at Club Cyberia Maker Space in Indianapolis to achieve this.

Once the waveguides have been tested to my satisfaction, then I plan on building a 12” 2-way line array consisting of 8 cabinets (4 on each side) to complement the Lab 12 subwoofers.

Wish me luck!

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New Webserver...

I have finally broke down and got a webserver VPS service instead of hosting on my cable modem. After some tinkering, I am able to get things up and running… mostly. I have yet to move over e-mail as the postfix configuration I wish to put in place should have some spam filters in it.

This VPS will also include the ClubCyberia Maker Space site as well. I will update you all as things progress. :-)


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First meeting is hours way...

The first stated meeting of Club Cyberia is hours away...

Here is the details:

"Friday, March 11, 2011"
"7:00 PM"
MoJoe’s Coffee House
222 W. Michigan St. Indianapolis, IN

To Dial Into the Bridge Visit: http://hackerspaces.org/wiki/Call-in


I.Opening Meeting
II.Quick Introductions (5 minutes or less please)
III.New Club Report
a.    What is a maker/hacker space?
b.    What is a “hacker”? Illegal vs. legal hacking.
c.    Discuss Website efforts.
d.    Local Advertising
IV.Organization Structure Discussion
a.    Board of Directors requirements
b.    Executive Committee?
c.    Voting (Google Moderator?)
d.    Dues classes and amounts.
e.    P.O. Box purchase? (45$/yr.)
f.    Refund Domain Costs (32$/2yr.)
a.    18+ Night Club (Run by third party?)
b.    Membership drive
VI.Committee creation
a.    Advertising Committee
b.    Website Committee
c.    Future Committees as members join:
i.    Dues Committee
ii.    Security committee
a.    Flyer Canvas Day: March 26th 2011 (Colleges, Bookstores, Coffee Shops)
b.    Next Meeting April 8th  (Second Friday each month)

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Japan Earthquake and Tsunami...

On the eve of our first meeting, a tragedy has happened half way around the world. Our prayers go out to everyone in Japan that was affected by the earthquake and subsequent Tsunami.


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