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Webserver software finaly fixed...

It has been a long and difficult road to performing some upgrades to old outdated software. I finaly completed a major upgrde to database back-ends that was long needed. It wasn't easy and took 2 days of spare time fiddeling, but it's finaly done.… more »
  10/16/15 10:57:00 pm , by admin   , , Background,

Sound System... Half done...

    I have finally finished one of my biggest woodworking projects. 4 x "Lab 12" horn loaded subwoofers. These subwoofers have been a time consuming and tiresome project. All hand crafted and built by me. They are one of the higher efficiency subwoofe… more »
  06/01/12 04:58:00 am , by admin   , , Background,

New Webserver...

I have finally broke down and got a webserver VPS service instead of hosting on my cable modem. After some tinkering, I am able to get things up and running… mostly. I have yet to move over e-mail as the postfix configuration I wish to put in place… more »
  05/25/11 08:46:34 pm , by admin   , , Background,

First meeting is hours way...

The first stated meeting of Club Cyberia is hours away... Here is the details: "Friday, March 11, 2011" "7:00 PM" MoJoe’s Coffee House 222 W. Michigan St. Indianapolis, IN To Dial Into the Bridge Visit: Agenda… more »
  03/11/11 09:43:29 pm , by admin   , , Background,

Japan Earthquake and Tsunami...

On the eve of our first meeting, a tragedy has happened half way around the world. Our prayers go out to everyone in Japan that was affected by the earthquake and subsequent Tsunami.… more »
  03/11/11 07:01:46 pm , by admin   , , Background,

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