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Searching for a new company to parnter with!

The time has come to locate a new company to work for. I have had many opportunities to share my knowledge with companies across the US. I am now actively searching for a new company to share in that endeavor. My resume is up on Linkedin:… more »
  09/12/23 05:28:00 pm , by admin   , , Background,

Server moved to AWS! Yey...

Been a long time coming. I finally moved all the servers (5 domains in total) to AWS infrastructure. At some point I hope to get some trusted certs, but that is for another day. I really like working with AWS, GCP, Azure, Etc. Always learning new things… more »
  09/11/23 11:53:00 pm , by admin   , , Background,

As the world turns, so does storage...

Things are brewing in the storage world :-) Spinning disks are slowly phased out by flash chips. New protocols are being introduced. Changes in data management are afoot. Everyone is looking to automate processes from storage allocation to recovery.… more »
  04/19/22 07:47:00 pm , by admin   , , Background,

Webserver software finaly fixed...

It has been a long and difficult road to performing some upgrades to old outdated software. I finaly completed a major upgrde to database back-ends that was long needed. It wasn't easy and took 2 days of spare time fiddeling, but it's finaly done.… more »
  10/16/15 10:57:00 pm , by admin   , , Background,