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Sound System... Half done...

    I have finally finished one of my biggest woodworking projects. 4 x "Lab 12" horn loaded subwoofers. These subwoofers have been a time consuming and tiresome project. All hand crafted and built by me. They are one of the higher efficiency subwoofe… more »
  05/31/12 11:58:00 pm , by admin   , 6761 views, Background,

New Webserver...

I have finally broke down and got a webserver VPS service instead of hosting on my cable modem. After some tinkering, I am able to get things up and running? mostly. I have yet to move over e-mail as the postfix configuration I wish to put in place shoul… more »
  05/25/11 03:46:34 pm , by admin   , 3445 views, Background,

First meeting is hours way...

The first stated meeting of Club Cyberia is hours away...Here is the details:"Friday, March 11, 2011" "7:00 PM" MoJoe?s Coffee House222 W. Michigan St. Indianapolis, INTo Dial Into the Bridge Visit: AgendaI.Opening Me… more »
  03/11/11 04:43:29 pm , by admin   , 1244 views, Background,

Japan Earthquake and Tsunami...

On the eve of our first meeting, a tragedy has happened half way around the world. Our prayers go out to everyone in Japan that was affected by the earthquake and subsequent Tsunami. 私たちの祈りはあ&#123… more »
  03/11/11 02:01:46 pm , by admin   , 616 views, Background,

Hacker Space First Meeting!!

I would like to personally welcome all of the new Club Cyberia group members on Facebook. Nate Cash Jason Moore Alex Porter Tim Jarzombek As well as others who have contacted me via e-mail. I have decided today to hold our first meeting at Mo'Joe Coffe… more »
  03/06/11 10:24:14 pm , by admin   , 935 views, Background,

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