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Sound System... Half done...

Sound System... Half done...

I have finally finished one of my biggest woodworking projects. 4 x "Lab 12" horn loaded subwoofers. These subwoofers have been a time consuming and tiresome project. All hand crafted and built by me. They are one of the higher efficiency subwoofers you can build/buy/create today. It uses a technology that many stopped using several years ago due to the advent of monster amplifiers and push to make cabinets as cheap as possible (i.e. 18 & 21 inch front loaded designs)

I am now working on a new endeavor that promises to be an equal challenge. Building my first Line Array… from scratch.

I am starting by designing an acoustical wave guide. Due to patent restrictions, these waveguides are not available (ahem, in the US). So as not to spend 200+$ on a plastic or aluminum waveguide, I will be “printing” my own out of plastic. I plan on creating a Mendel Max style 3D printer to be housed at Club Cyberia Maker Space in Indianapolis to achieve this.

Once the waveguides have been tested to my satisfaction, then I plan on building a 12” 2-way line array consisting of 8 cabinets (4 on each side) to complement the Lab 12 subwoofers.

Wish me luck!

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