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HackerSpace On the rise...

HackerSpace On the rise...

I have got the domain names for the new maker/hacker space. They have been temporally pointed here until I can stand up their own website. It is:

I am in the process of learning media wiki to stand up a wiki-like server. I will likely use some other method for the business side of the site that will consist of membership rosters, dues, and voting.

As discussed below I am working on building the business as a self-sustaining system. It will be necessary to have a solid business plan and basic ROI / revenue building system. We will need to not only pay for expenses, but build up a “buffer” pool to keep the business going in tough times. A primary part of this will be the 501c non-profit status filings. This will take several thousand dollars but will be worth it when we can file for various grants.

A preliminary meeting will be held on March 11th (location to TBD). I will present a business plan as well as possible fundraisers to raise enough capital to begin the business filings. I will also discuss Collage campus canvasing and ways to gather community support.

Thank you!

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