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First meeting is hours way...

First meeting is hours way...

The first stated meeting of Club Cyberia is hours away...

Here is the details:

"Friday, March 11, 2011"
"7:00 PM"
MoJoe’s Coffee House
222 W. Michigan St. Indianapolis, IN

To Dial Into the Bridge Visit: http://hackerspaces.org/wiki/Call-in


I.Opening Meeting
II.Quick Introductions (5 minutes or less please)
III.New Club Report
a.    What is a maker/hacker space?
b.    What is a “hacker”? Illegal vs. legal hacking.
c.    Discuss Website efforts.
d.    Local Advertising
IV.Organization Structure Discussion
a.    Board of Directors requirements
b.    Executive Committee?
c.    Voting (Google Moderator?)
d.    Dues classes and amounts.
e.    P.O. Box purchase? (45$/yr.)
f.    Refund Domain Costs (32$/2yr.)
a.    18+ Night Club (Run by third party?)
b.    Membership drive
VI.Committee creation
a.    Advertising Committee
b.    Website Committee
c.    Future Committees as members join:
i.    Dues Committee
ii.    Security committee
a.    Flyer Canvas Day: March 26th 2011 (Colleges, Bookstores, Coffee Shops)
b.    Next Meeting April 8th  (Second Friday each month)

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